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Drawer Cupboard
Tool Drawer Cupboard
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We manufacture and supply high quality tool drawer cupboard that are known for excellent features like ideal design with excellent partitioning and drawers for best organization, excellent durability, good compactness, high load bearing potential,easy installment & maintenance, robustness etc. These cupboards are dimensionally precise and are accessible in NE - Normal Extension with distributed load of 100kg and UDL FE - Full Extension with distributed load 200kg UDL.

The drawers are provided with sliders and ball bearing for smooth movement.They are available in standard as well as customized versions. The drawers are offered safety latches and excellent locking system with keys. Since we manufacture them with the aid of high quality material and latest technology in compliance to the international standards the products manufactured are very qualitative. We offer our tool cupboard at very reasonable rates.

Prominent aspects:

  • High load bearing potential
  • Good compactness
  • Best organization
  • Excellent durability
  • Easy installment & maintenance
  • High robustness
  • Outstanding locking system with keys
  • Perfect safety latches


Usable drawer dimensions: 600mm W x 600mm D
Cabinet size: Width: 725mm, Depth: 760mm, Height: 1600mm,
Drawer configuration:
  • DC - 1600D - A   75X10   Adjustable 3no. Shelve
  • DC - 1600D - B   100X7   Adjustable 3no. Shelve
  • DC - 1600D - C   125X6   Adjustable 3no. Shelve
  • DC - 1600D - D   150X5   Adjustable 3no. Shelve
  • DC - 1600D - E   200X3   Adjustable 3no. Shelve
CNC Drawer Cupboard
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We manufacture supreme quality CNC drawer cupboard that is made from high grade material in conformity to the industrial standards. These products are available in standard and customized designs and dimensions as per the requirements of the customers.

They are designed by our experts such that they consume less space and facilitate arrangements of the tools and accessories in a very compact and organized way.The cupboard has appropriate partitions and dividers for optimal storage. This CNC Storage System is accessible in FE - Full Extension with distributed load 200kg UDL. The smooth moving drawers have ideal safety latches and exceptional locking mechanism with keys. They are very strong and have a good life span. We offer them excellent finishing and are widely demanded in the cities of India such as Mumbai, Udaipur, Pune, Chennai, Vadodara and Ghaziabad etc. We offer our quality products at very affordable rates.

Prominent aspects:

  • Consumes less space
  • Compact and organized
  • Smooth moving drawers
  • Very strong
  • Good life span
  • Excellent finishing
  • Ideal safety latches
  • Exceptional locking mechanism with keys

Usable drawer dimensions: 600mm W x 600mm D
Cabinet size: Width: 725mm, Depth: 760mm, Height: 1600mm (3 to 5 no. CNC drawer)

Tool Cabinet

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Our tool cabinet is available in diverse dimensions and sizes in NE - Normal Extension, with the distributed load 100kg UDL and FE - Full Extension with the distributed load 200kg UDL. These products are made qualitatively with excellent quality basic materials & latest technology in adherence to the international standards.

These cabinets are particularly designed for maximum utilization of the available space as well as perfect organization of the tools and all types of spares and accessories. Thus they are time as well as effort saving. They have effortlessly gliding drawers and excellent latch and locking arrangement with keys for keeping the tools safe. Our robust and durable products are have ideal finishing and are flawless as they are quality tested and then sent to the clients. We are the chief drawing storage cabinet, tool cabinet supplier of India and supply them at very affordable rates.

Prominent aspects:

  • Perfect organization
  • Ideal finishing
  • Excellent latch and locking arrangement with keys
  • Effortlessly gliding drawers
  • Robust
  • Durable
  • Maximum utilization of the available space

Usable drawer dimensions: 600mm W x 600mm D
Cabinet size: Width: 725mm, Height: 1000mm, Depth: 725mm
Drawer configuration :

  • DC- 725-1000- A     75X12
  • DC- 725-1000- B     100X9
  • DC- 725-1000- C     125X7
  • DC- 725-1000- D     156X6
  • DC- 725-1000- E      225X4
Tool Cupboard
Tool Cupboard, Heavy Duty Tool Cupboard Manufacturers, India

Our tool cupboards are made from supreme quality material and components as per the industrial standards using the most modern technology.We are also the market leaders of Heavy Duty Tool Cupboard products. The design of this cupboard is made by experienced professionals keeping in mind the versatile requirements of different industries.

This cupboard helps in keeping different types and sizes of tools and spares in a very organized manner so that they are be easily grabbed, conveniently when needed. Thus aids in making the work process faster and easier. The cupboard has ideal design to keep the industrial tools in a safe manner. The spacious drawers of the cupboard have excellent load bearing potential to bear the weights of the contents in a very reliable manner. They are can be easily pulled in & out because they are mounted on sliders with ball-bearings. These cupboards are very sturdy, resistant to corrosion & rust, resistant to impact & abrasion, have excellent durability. We offer them at very affordable rates.

Prominent aspects:

  • Sturdy
  • Resistant to corrosion & rust
  • Resistant to impact & abrasion
  • Excellent durability
  • Organized & convenient system
  • Smoothly gliding spacious drawers
  • Very reliable


  • Heavy gauge (18swg.) welded steel construction
  • Pivoted doors are provided
  • Easily gliding drawers, on roller bearings
  • Excellent Load bearing potential up to 75 kg
  • Drawer size: 850mm wide x 400mm deep
  • Shelves have the load bearing potential of  100kg  capacity
  • 1000mm wide x 600mm deep
  • 1900mm heights
  • Can be adjusted on100mm vertical pitch with provision for positive fixing if needed
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