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Work Bench

Industrial Work Bench
Industrial Workbench Workstation, Workbench Supplier In UAE, Workstation Manufacturer, Assembly Workbench, Steel Work Table Suppliers

We are an eminent industrial workbench manufacturer in India. Our collection of industrial storage solution comprises of steel workbench drawers, heavy duty industrial workbench & workstation, electrical work table, steel work table, assembly workstation, assembly line work table and assembly work table and assembly workstation systems, .

We manufacture sturdy and tough Industrial workbenches/workstation for diverse industrial applications. We manufacture them with the aid of high quality basic materialsand cutting-edge technology in adherence to the standards of the industry.

Our products are quality tested for their flawlessness before they are supplied to the clients. The designing of this productis done with cabinets & drawers to offer convenient working surface with easy and rapid accessibility to tools.

The drawers are of NE - Normal Extension with distributed load 100kg UDL.The smooth & corrosion resistant surface with excellent finishing has high resistance to impact. It also has good resistance to wear & tear and high durability. Our products are very affordable and we supply them to the cities of India such as Coimbatore, Kanpur, Indore, Chennai, Pune and Nagpur etc.

Prominent aspects:

  • Sturdy and tough
  • Quality tested
  • Smooth & corrosion resistant surface
  • Resistance to wear & tear
  • Excellent finishing
  • High resistance to impact
  • Very convenient
  • Excellent load bearing potential

Usable drawer dimensions: 450mm W x 600mm D
Wooden Top:1500mm W X 800mm D X 50mm thickness
Work-Bench SizeWidth: 1500mm,Depth : 800mm,Height: 850mm
Steel Top:1500mm W X 800mmMM D X 8 &10mm thickness
Cabinet size:Width: 575mm X Depth 725mm X Height: 800mm

Steel Workbench
Heavy Duty Workstation, Aluminium Profile Workbench, Work Table Manufacturers, Workstation Manufacturer India, Pune, Chennai, Stainless Steel Workstation

We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of steel workbench that is made as per the designs of our experts in numerous dimensions and specifications.They are accessible in NE - Normal Extension with distributed load 100kg UDL. We manufacture them with high grade stainless steel material in compliance to the international norms.

The products we manufacture are designed by the experts keeping in mind the application requirements of work men in the industries. The design promotes better performance with high speed with convenience. Our clients prefer our products because they are of excellent quality, reliability, functionality as well as affordability. These products are very robust, have high impact resistance and resistance to tensile strength and wear and tear.

Prominent aspects:

  • High impact resistance
  • Resistance to tensile strength and wear and tear
  • Excellent quality & Reliability
  • Convenient
  • Superior Functionality
  • Affordable

Usable drawer dimensions: 450mm W x 600mm D
Wooden Top: 1500mm W X 800mm D X 50mm thickness
Work-bench size: Width: 1500mm, Depth: 800mm, Height: 850mm,
Cabinet size: Width: 575mm X Depth 725mm X Height: 400mm
Steel Top: 1500mm W X 800mmMM D X 8 &10mm thickness

Heavy Duty Workbench
Heavy Duty Workbench, Heavy Duty Industrial Workbench

R.K Steel Smith is chief manufacturer and exporter of heavy duty industrial workbench in India as well as foreign countries. Heavy duty workbench is very simple in design that works as multi purpose workbench that built tough to fulfill the industrial storage job.

They have mobile racking and shelving systems which keep the workplace systemically and enhance working efficiency. We manufacture this industrial workbench with 13, 9 and 8 selves. It is fabricated from high grade steel so they can handle heavy duty load of tool storage

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Work Bench

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