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Service Tool Trolley Manufacturer

We are the leading Service Tool Trolley manufacturers of India. Our products are preferred in the market hugely because of their exclusive designs designed by our experts. Moreover we manufacture them from the best quality raw-materials and components putting a huge effort for procuring and examining them. We also stick to the norms of the industry to maintain the quality of the product.

We also check their flawlessness before we supply them to our clients to build our clients trust on us. Hence the resultant products are very tough and strong, can undergo harsh handling in a very durable manner. The design helps in perfect organization of the tool to save time and effort.They have excellent load bearing potential, safety latches and secured locking system. The trolleys are easy and effortless to move and handle. They are very compact and space saving. They are widely demanded in the industries like manufacturing industries, assembly lines, automobile industries, electrical industries, electronic industries etc. We supply our Service Tool Trolley at very reasonable price rates.

service tool trolley manufacturer

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Prominent aspects:

  • Strong & hard-wearing
  • Durable
  • 100% safe from moisture, dust and rodents
  • Eye-catching finishing
  • Special locking system
  • Effectual & systematic organization
  • Best usage of space
  • Confidential storing


Cabinet size:-

  • Width : 575mm     Depth : 725mm
  • Height : 800mm (950mm with castor)

Usable drawer dimensions :  450mm W * 600mm D

Castor :  100mm dia. * 38 thickness

Drawer configuration :

  • STT - 1001A    75*9
  • STT - 1001B    100*7
  • STT - 1001C    100*4, 150*2
  • STT - 1001D    100*3, with shelve

Normal Extension :  (85%)

Distributed load :  100kg UDL


CNC Tool Trolley Manufacturer in India

We are the chief CNC Tool Trolley(Cnc Tool Holder Rack) Manufacturers in India and they are used for versatile application in the industry. This product is the best organization system for CNC & machine tools in a very effectual way so that it enhances the productivity and promotes faster results. They are also compact & space saving. We manufacture them from high grade material and heavy duty components in compliance with the international standards of quality.

They are also quality tested. These trolleys are very robust & have a good life span. They have good load bearing capacity. They move very smoothly in a very steadfast and efficient manner. They also need minimal maintenance. We offer them in diverse dimensions and specifications and also customize them as per the requirements of our clients. We offer our CNC tool trolleys at market leading price rates.

cnc tool trolley manufacturer

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Prominent aspects:

  • Smooth & steadfast movement
  • Excellent organization
  • Very robust
  • Compact & space saving
  • Good load bearing capacity
  • Excellent life span
  • Time saving


Size :  H 950mm * W 1075mm * D 510mm

Capacity :  500 kg.

Max. 5 Tool Cradles :

  • BT-30 ======= 40no.
  • BT-40 ======= 40no.
  • BT-50 ======= 25no.
  • HSK-63 ===== 40no.
  • HSK-100 ==== 25no.
  • Tool Storage Capacity

Perfo Panel Trolley in India

We are the chief manufacturers & suppliers of Perforated Tool Panel and perfo panel trolley in India. We manufacture them with the aid of high quality Stable steel sheet with the aid of the latest technology in compliance to the standards set by the industry. They have good load carrying capacity and are designed for perfectly systematized storage in the industry.

They are compact, easy to handle & move and need minimal space. They also require negligible maintenance. They can also be combined with mounting plates as well as storage bins. The perfo panels offered can be mounted vertically or at an inclined position. They are widely applied in the workshops, manufacturing units, electrical and electronic industries, all kinds of engineering industries etc. Our products have excellent finishing and a good durability. We offer them in customized versions also. They are very affordable too.

perfo panel trolley manufacturer

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Prominent aspects:

  • Good load carrying capacity
  • Perfectly systematized storage
  • Can be combined with mounting plates & storage bins
  • Perfo panels can be mounted vertically or inclined
  • Excellent finishing
  • Good durability


Dimensions :  Width 1000 * Depth 600 * Height 1450 mm

Perforated panels 900x425 mm (W * H)

Max. Mountings 6 perforated panels (3 panels per side)

Castor wheels :

  • Low-friction fixed and swivel castors, 2 each
  • diameter 100 mm
  • (UHMW) swivel castors with brakes

MOC :  Stable steel sheet

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